The Ins and Outs of Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance means many things to different people. Some people are looking for protection against trip cancellation. Others are more concerned about emergencies, such as evacuations, rental car losses or terrorism. Some are looking for plans that cover just about anything and everything that could go wrong during a trip.

Unfortunately, many people overlook the kind of emergency they are most likely to encounter which is an accident or health care emergency. Don’t take risks. Contact your health insurance agent or provider and make sure your health plan covers you during your travels

If you’re not on Medicare, your health insurance policy may cover you anywhere in this country and sometimes abroad. If you are on Original Medicare, you will not be covered while you are in Europe, Asia or on some cruises.

Government health insurance, including Original Medicare and many other health insurance plans do not pay for medical care, evacuations, prescriptions or supplies you receive outside the U.S. except in very limited situations. For example, on a cruise Original Medicare may cover medically necessary health care services you receive on board the ship within the territorial waters adjoining the land areas of the U.S. However, Medicare will NOT pay for health care services you get when a ship is more than 6 hours away from a U.S. port, regardless of whether or not it’s an emergency.

Because of these limitations, it is a good idea to consider travel medical insurance, especially if you have a preexisting or chronic condition. Travel medical insurance policies are designed to pick up where your primary health plan leaves off and offer a choice of varying limits and coverage. If you do not have health coverage, some plans act as primary insurance while you are out of the country.

Please keep in mind that this is general information and your circumstances or insurance coverage may be different. You need to talk to your insurance company or agent to verify your coverage.

If you would like to learn more about travel medical insurance, call me at 440-255-5700 or email me at A travel medical insurance plan can be the difference between a trip ruined by unexpected illness or injury, versus a trip with access to quality care and financial help should an emergency arise.

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