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An Agent or an 800 Number?

It is as predictable as the season’s changing. Your mailbox will soon be overflowing with letters and brochures on all the different Medicare Advantage Plans. You will see television ad after ad, each claiming their Advantage plan provides the most comprehensive coverage. Most will ask you to go online or call an 800 phone number to sign up. The question is, how do you know which plan to choose?
There is a better way. Before you decide, talk to an independent insurance representative who can sit down face-to-face with you and help you find the right plan for you. Independent brokers represent a number of companies and can explain how coverage differs. They will look for a plan that suits your needs and budget.
Best of all, you will not pay any more for your insurance if you purchase your Advantage Plan or Part D Prescription Drug Plan through an independent broker instead of an 800 number. Brokers and agents are compensated by the insurance company, not the customer.
As an independent agent and broker, I provide my clients with many other services as well, including:
Unbiased Advice: I help my clients choose a plan covering their preferred doctors, hospitals and prescription drugs. I also have a good idea of which companies have the best track record when it comes to pleasing their customers.
Help with questions: My customers have me to turn to when they have questions. That’s a lot better than an 800 number where you may reach a different customer service representative every time you call.
Help with claims: I help my clients navigate the rules and regulations and provide assistance if they need help filing a claim or an appeal. It is personal service that sets the independent representative apart from an 800 number.
No charge for service: There is never a charge for any of these services. They are all a part of the ‘package’ you get when you choose Mutsko Insurance Services. Call me, Laura Mutsko at Mutsko Insurance Services at 440-255-5700 before you decide on a Medicare Advantage Plan for 2017. Information on new plans will be available after October 15 when Open Enrollment begins.

Allergy Strategies before Medicine

How to keep your spring allergies in check.

Suffering from springtime allergies?  Your first impulse may be to reach for allergy medicines. Instead, think about taking some practical steps to help reduce the pollen, dust mites and other allergens inside your home. 

1.  Windows: Wash curtain and wipe down blinds. Keep windows closed to keep pollen outside.

2.  Bedding: Wash pillowcases, sheets and blankets regularly – at least once a week or more. Cover your pillows, mattress and box springs with covers that are dust-mite-proof.  

3.  Stuffed Animals:  If you cannot wash your kids’ stuffed animals, run them through an air fluff cycle in the dryer. Store stuffed animals in a plastic bin to keep dust to a minimum.

4.  Clothing:  Leave your shoes at the door, change your clothes and take a quick shower after being outside to reduce pollen inside your home.

5.  Flooring:  Replace carpeting with hardwood floors, tile and linoleum.  All of these harbor  fewer allergens than carpeting and rugs. If you cannot replace your carpeting, wash your rugs regularly and deep clean your carpeting.

6.  Smoking:  Allergies are simply one more reason to ask smokers not to light up inside your home.

Getting the best buy on prescription drugs

Don’t automatically use your insurance for prescription drugs.  

Hundreds of commonly used generic medications can be purchased for as little as $10 for a three-month supply at grocery stores, major drugstores and club stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. You may find some drugs usually covered by your insurance might be less expensive if you pay cash instead using your insurance.